best 2004r to buy online or ny/nj/ct based rebuild

chris c

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10/11 second street driven car. want super firm shifts, reliable, lock up tc.

the literature on the net goes either way with the online outfits selling 2004r's. so :confused:
+2. Call Chris at CK trans. Not only does he stand behind his work he is one the leaders in coming up with stronger parts. I have been very happy with him.
CK Performance without a doubt. He's in Long Island now. Give him a call. He can either rebuild yours or give you an 'off the shelf' unit stuffed with his in-house manufactured parts.

Merritt Performance would be a good choice also.

Russ builds an awesome tranny .. Personally I'd stay with the closest good trans guy near you in case you have a problem!!! I "think" Russ stays with trannys that he does the whole job.. Take in and out of the car and doing the trans "his" way and testing them to "his" satisfaction. :biggrin: Everyone has their own way of doin things .. like "there is more than one way to skin a cat":eek: :p
Dynotech here, 5 years and 6k miles of street abuse still shifts like new, Firm but does not break your neck and the down shifts are smooth, not clunky like my previous Freddy Brown unit, <----STay away from them with a 200r4. Call Eric 516-670-DYNO
Dynotech on Long Island or Russ M. :)

I've got about 20k on my tranny from Dynotech, no issues.

Get the hard parts for your goals.