Best Heads???


Oct 11, 2003
What are the best heads for a hot air? Does it even matter becaus 84-87 heads are all interchangable? I need to keep the EGR (damn smog Nazis!). Could I get away with just porting and polishig the stockers? And if while I have the heads off, should I just take out the cam and lifters and replace with a better cam, and if so, which cam? I plan on mid 11's eventually and it is not an everyday driver.
ported stockers are the way to go for your goals.port match/bowl port and multi-angle valve job should help.

you will also want to port match your intake manifold to gasket size.lots of material to remove there...

for the cam i'd go with the speed pro 204/214,seems to be a winner around here lately(and it's cheap).