Best Polish for Billet Wheels


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Aug 13, 2001
What do you guy's/gals Think? I have not tried Mothers Billet yet, Tried a few but not happy with the results.
Mothers Billet is awesome. I used some on my telstars and, there is no swirl at all final polishing with a microfiber rag. I heard if you sprinkle some corn starch on it before you wipe it clean it elimicates swirl but I haven't tried that. Wenol is good stuff too BTW.
"Heavy Metal" is the best I've used...With the exception of the Mothers "Billet" polish, I've used them all too (can't find the Mothers around here)
I have used Mothers and like it. Some others swear by Blue Magic. I haven't use the latter, but may give it a try sometime.