Best replacement springs for stock 93k motor/cam


Nov 4, 2003
I need to replace my valve springs. What's the best one to go with? I don't want to wipe my cam lobes out. It's still the stock motor/cam and has 93k miles.
Do a search on this...covered in many, many threads. Some say Z28 springs, some say Comp 979's [discontinued] some say Comp 980' for the contraversy...with or w/o the stock spring cups...
Have fun,
You can't go wrong with the Comp Cams 980's...and IMO don't use the cups...

I am using Kirban's LT1 springs and don't have a problem with them either...but they are 100 lb springs compared to the 80-90 lb 980' if you are paranoid about premature cam failure then go with the 980's...