best shock for drag racing that isnt a drag shock?


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May 28, 2001
im looking for the best set of shocks for my street racing action. i was looking at hte 50/50's with the 90/10's up front but it doesnt seem practical. waht else is out there. can i put 50/50's out back with a set of soft stock shocks up front or something? could i get adjustable drag shocks and use 50/50's out back and 60/40's up front. shoot me some ideas guys i want it to launch hard. thanks
I use KYB Gas Adjust's on all four corners. Best '60 so far are a 1.60 (DOT slicks) and 1.72 (DOT street tires). The shocks are pretty cheap at about $120 for the set. See my profile for more info on the car & setup.

Well, I think they're two different things. Front drag shocks should extend very easily to assist weight transfer, but then settle quickly, so that the nose of the car stays low, and cheats the wind. Rear drag shocks should be firm on both compression and rebound in order to plant the axle.

BTW, rear shocks are in rebound on launch. Counterintuitive. Boy, I've won a lot of beers on that one.
WHY are 90/10's and 50/50's not practical? Why would you want to put a set of "soft" (worn out you mean?) shocks up front? 90/10's are not bad on the street like some people say! I run them up front with no sway bar and have 50/50's in the rear. I had experienced 0 ill side effects from having them on the front. Don't even bother with adjustable shocks. If you want to tune your suspension for the max launch, get straight 90/10's for the front and 50/50's for the rear. We all know what ratio works best, right? HTH Randall
Boy there are a lot of misconceptions about drag shocks.. 90/10's are old theory. I'm not saying that they don't allow the car to hook. I am saying that they are wasting energy that can be used to push the car forward quicker. More than likely, the front end does not need to rise quickly and if you slow it down you may go quicker.

If you don't mind the hassel of adjusting front shocks then get adjustable fronts and set them at 70/30. 50/50 for the rears are good. Under MOST circumstances you do NOT want the rear to rise or squat during the launch. This is wasting energy. Just keep the rear end steady.

I have been working on a web page that explains the theory of launching a car as efficiently as possible.

Here is the link to the Glossary and you can view what I have so far on the suspension article if you like.

I use KYB's all the way around with Moog stock replacement springs. The car handles well on the road an so far I have had a best of 1.59 60' and plenty of low 1.6's. Dunno if that is what you are looking for but I didn't want to compromise my street driving, and I have been very happy with this setup.
Get a set of QA-1 12 way adjustable shocks. You can set them however you want them. You don't even have to jack the car up to change the settings. Just reach down and turn the knob to loosen or tighten them. They may be more expensive than the others but they give you the best of all worlds.

i have no experience with it on my GN yet but with stangs.. i know a lot of people who use 90/10's on the street with no problems... man i cant wait to sell my stang and start modding the hell out of the GN :D
Well I use 90/10 and 50/50 on one of my car and the KYB Gas Adjust's on the other one. I have no complain at all regardless of the first one. I drive it all the time in the street and I find it perfect.
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hi ryan,
i think theres some other mods you need to do to make your car launch is starting soon.keep a look out for a hard launching buick coming to a town near you.:D