Best wax/procedure for oxidation???


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Jul 5, 2003
Are there any waxes out there that are extremely good at curing dried out paint? ive treid a ton of waxes and nothings really helped much. There is definately paint and clear coat to work with, its just faded and the hood, roof and deck look almost white sometimes. is there anything a body shop could do for temporary relief until i can get it painted this summer? by the way, it is black
i should also add that it looks like whenever i wash the car, it lok slike it sucks the moisture right up, its kind of wierd. are there any products out there that restore "moisture" in tha paint, whjatever that means,. and also, when i do get the car wet, it looks like it has a perfect paint job on it, shiny and all, so i know theres hope, i just dont know in what......
Try COLLINATE. See if there is an Artex distributor in your area or check with some local detail shops. They use this product for electrical cables and boats. It will darken up a sunfaded finish and bead up water great.
Thank you, ill try to find some. So you dont think its available at any retail store?
I see youre in jersey. im in philadelphia, do you know anywhere arouind here to get it?
You should try Menzerna Intensive polish, then Menzerna Final polish, then Klasse AIO, and lastly a wax. It will make it look better than new, guaranteed. ;)

Check out
I don't know of any retail stores that carry it. I got it from a detail guy who got it from his Artex distributor.:)
since i dont have access to a buffer, would using just the AIO and some wax help at all?
It should. AIO is pretty good at removing oxidation.

The best way of course is to use a buffer with an abrasive, but you should still be able to get some decent results with the Klasse and some foam applicators. has some really good tips for using these products.

Good luck :)