Best way to remove old sound deadener from roof?

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
Putting in my 3rd or 4th headliner in my GN in the last 4 years! ( I have lost count at this point! ) Want to remove the old sound deadener on the roof and install dynamat instead. Best way of removing it? The material keeps coming off the ABS board like they didn't use enough glue or maybe it was rolled and packaged right after being glued. At least I was getting a free one every year but sick of doing the job, got better things to do.

This time time I got the bare ABS board and had my local auto upholstery shop to glue on the fabric. This last year the car did not see much daylight as getting divorced, lousy weather, death of a good friend and getting married again took up a lot of my spare time. The GN was locked up in a climate controlled garage so don't think weather had anything to do with the failure of the fabric. Anyway, back to the subject, best way to remove the old deadener panels?
Sound deadener removal = hair dryer + plastic putty knife. I sprayed some black Rustoleum up there last time I had the headliner down. There were a few bare spots oddly.