best way to seal headers and how to remove broken bolts from ex housing


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Jul 5, 2003
For the headers what should i use? gaskets, copper rtv, or nothing, jsut metal to metal? also when removing the elbow 2 of the 4 bolts broke off. How the heck can i remove the rest of them???? ive been trying all day!!!!!!
Nothing, maybe some Copper RTV if you want. Make sure you torque the bolts down to spec, 37 ft. lbs.
After I broke the last bolt off in my exh housing,I tried to use a tap to no avail.Took it to the ms and they couldnt get it out either.I just bought another one that the bolt wasnt broke off in.
I've had great success in taking a nut (say 5/16" ,1/2" wrench size), setting the wire feed on "stun", and welding through the center of the nut to the broken bolt/stud until you weld the nut flush. While the nut is still red hot, get a wrench or socket on it - I'll bet they'll come right out. This works great if it's broken off flush, and if you're decent with the wire feed, even recessed a ways.
good news, heated it up good with the torch and it came out with a vise grip thank guys.
FYI for anyone else removing the exhaust housing or elbow/DP, run the car for about 5 minutes to heat it up real good, then begin removing the bolts, they'll come out alot easier with less chance of breaking them.