beware t type on ebay

The auction has ended early,the ad is gone,I wonder why He would do this 12 hours before the end?............hmmmm.

He must have sold it.
I'd be curious to know the ending to this story, if it did sell.
hopefully the new owner will shed some light.

If it didn't sell,then its even more bizarre because,he put it for sale + backed out of that before anyone could even look at it,+ then put it for auction,+ pulled out again before the end of the auction.All the time not answering any questions or doing any call backs,+ saying by e-mail, people could come look the next day + never getting back to them.

I'm thinking someone got the address + prob went by + arranged a deal somehow,maybe with the father,just a guess.

Hopefully it wasn't someone who just sent him a deposit long distance,if it was,
+ the person ends up needing it ,maybe he will come across this thread,+ be able to get the sellers address + ph #. + maybe if the seller saw this ad + knows the sale is under scrutiny,he will handle the sale the way it should be done.
Hopefully we will find out the end result of what happened with this mysterious buick turbo sale gone bad.
Dan is the PAC man of our AREA. :D

He gobbles them up. The cheaper the better. I am surprised he did not buy that wagon in Salem.