Bg roll call for TTS


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Who will be participating in TTS for 2017? TTS will be running at Bg in September.
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I will be there! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and the good times! Thumper has a few upgrades and I can't wait to see what she runs. Maybe I will finally get that 9.99 time slip, oops I mean 10.99! Lol! Bring it on Officer Dave...:sneaky:...and no holding back!

Guess we'll see when we get there :p. I'm sure it will be close. Finishing up on some final touches and looking forward to it.
Will my car fit?

It looks like we will have 4 cars that I am aware of.

Missy Thompson
Steve Branger
Dave Barclay
Dave Bandy

Hopefully a few more will join in.