BGC Intake $$.


Apr 20, 2002
Yeah, I know it's a Bowling Green intake, but I was wondering if anyone knew what a used one would be worth. I have one that I need to sell. It includes the upper plenum and fuel rail, and there are minor scratches here and there, unported, off center and about 2-3 years old. I bought it with alot of other parts, so I can't really figure a set price I got it for. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Since it's an off-center you may be able to get more for it. I have had a few calls from people wanting an off-center BGC. The on-centers are pretty common and BGC makes them on a regular (for them) basis.
I know I'm showing my ignorance with this question but, what's the difference between on center and off center. I saw it stamped on the botton and figured it must be important.