Big ol' TEXAS yard sale


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Nov 29, 2001
I have the following Buick parts for sale – I was thinking it would be nice to sell to someone local if they needed something so I posted it here, as well as the local dallas/houston lists.

-CAS radiator -$200
-CAS twin turbo intercooler w/ modified radiator support -$850 with tubing, hoses and claps ($1000)
-header panel-$250
-perfect steering column $125
-headlight bezels & sidemarkers-$80
-front fender-$85 ea. $145.00 pr.
-dash-$100 w/wiring harness
-trunk lid-$100
-tail lights-$100 pr.
-rear clip-$125
-front bumper steel -$75
-rear bumper steel -$100
-doors complete w/power options-$400 (these are spoken for I think)
-quarter glass perfect-$100 pr.
-front glass perfect -$150
-rear glass-$100
BOP 400 tranny w/ brake (this was my spare tranny) - make offer

I would rather not ship any of the following anywhere – and all of it can be seen most anytime – I can’t think of anything I would like to trade for but there is always a possibility. These prices are somewhat neg. as I am not in the Buick parts business…

If you have any questions please let me know via email or call 972.742.8071

If anyone has hit the lotto I can make a sweet deal on it all – so sweet it will rot your teeth…


:) Hey Scott, what you making room for?

As far as rotting your teeth are red necks suppost to have teeth?
LOL hehehehehe

Do things look any better for you being ready or able to go to the Mini Nats?

Good Luck and take care


you know I have teeth - one in my mouth and 3 in my pocket... its much easier to talk **** that way <lol>

as for what i am making room for - I had to put my skanky ride up on a diet - too much weight for my liking... I likes them thin and light... and easy access is a plus.

Actually, I finally got a spot in the shop with enough room for me to yank some stuff that I wanted to replace... so hopefully when we roll out we will be in the hunt so to speak =) what I can't sell I am going to practice my plasma cutting skillz on...

mini-nats are not looking to good - after we get the new tranny in and tunnel built I am going to upgrade to a 25.1 pro stock cage redo all the wiring and put it in the paint shop - I couldn't afford to not start as soon as possible and I wasn't going to drive to SA having not known the format - this is a good time for us to be down and hopefully we will have all the bugs worked out before BG.... shifting gears warren johnson style =)

It sounds like it's going to be BAD!!

I can't wait to see it run, good luck and I'm sorry things did not work out for the mini nats.

Take Care

Thats a custom exhaust installation hammer "signature series"