Big parts list , CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL , One day only, 15% off any order under $100


Aug 10, 2004
Offer starts at 12:00am Monday Nov 28th 2011 and ends at 12:00am Tuesday Nov 29th 2011. 15% off doesnt apply to shipping just the price of the parts.

-All prices do not include shipping

-Complete 87 Grand National engine $2000

-BRF 200 4r $500

-87 109 block $250

-NOS Turbo 6 emblem $50 Free shipping

-Autometer Boost gauge with A pillar single pod $25

-86-87 original MAF(not Rem.) $90

-86-87 AC compressor $75

-86-87 Belt tensioner $75

-87 Intake manifold(lower intake and upper dog house, with metal waterlines) $200

-8445 heads Rebuilt with around 20k on them $100

-87 Engine harness with inj harness $250

-Turbo shield $30

-Rad hold down plate $30

-Front license plate bracket $20

-86-87 Air dams with some imperfections you cant see when on the car $35 for both

-Doors $400 for set(1 pass and 1 drivers) they are manual windows and manual locks have just the start of surface

rust on under side. Pick up only, I wont ship these.

-Upper door trim escutcheons(chrome and gray trim that the ends of the pull strap attach to) $30 each piece both

chrome and gray or chrome and wood gray

-Vac brake set up $100+shipping(master cylinder, power brake booster, and correct pedal)

-87 442 Passenger side New rear quarter -Make Offer

-gray 87 442 bucket seats $200

-locking T-tops $200 a set

-84-87 Regal/T-type header panel(has hole for emblem) with good black paint $200

-84-87 Nice Black Header panel (Hole for emblem has been filled) $200

-GN driveshaft $75

-Stock 109 Turbo long block(120k) $1100

-87 GN 109 short block, .040 Cast pistons, .010/.010 turbo crank, never run $800

-86 NA 3.8 Engine complete runs good has 109 block $350

-84 NA 3.8 Engine complete runs good 290 block $250

-84 turbo Regal block .030 over $150
-85 turbo Riviera std block $200
-85 Turbo Regal Block .030 over $150
-109 turbo block .030 over $150
-109 turbo block .060 over $100

-Turbo crank(Std/Std but will need to be turned at most .010/.010) $250

-Set of fresh heads with bigger intake valves $200

-Under drive crank pulley and alt pulley $40

-84 GN Lear siegler front bucket seats(good leather buck need to have cloth rplaced) $200

-15" ARE 398 rims(GNX style) $350 for set of 4
-15" Kirban style GNX stlye rims $350 for set of 4
-16" Western wheels GNX style rims $350 for set of 4

-86-87 T-type center caps(Tri shield) $40 Each

-86-87 T-type wheels(set of 4) no center caps $300

-85-87 GN steering wheel $100 no horn ring/center

-84/85 Turbo has some up and down play but works normally $100

-Nice set of GN tail lights with blackout trim $160

-84-86 GN Power seat track assembly $150

-Floor brackets for console $30

-Regal doors(They have very little surface rust on under side) $150 picked up only

-Floor pan for bucket seat car $150 picked up only
-Rear quarter $150 each picked up only
-Rear frame rails $100 each
-Front frame rails $100 each

-Control arms(Front lower)$60
-Control arms(Front upper)$30
-Motor mounts(metal, frame mounts) $35

-Turbo crank(.010/.010) in nice condition $200
-Turbo crank(Std/Std but will need to be turned at most .010/.010) $250

-NEW Felpro gaskets(2 head gaskets 8723pt-1, 2 cork valve cover gaskets,2 Exhaust manifold gaskets) $35

-84-85 Flex cooling fan $10

-85 Power steering pump(For car with power master) $30

- trans cooler $20

-B body spindles $50 for pair
-85 Maroon bucket seats $200 good condition
-85 Gray bucket seats $200 good condition

-Maroon shifter handle $25
-Blue shifter handle $25

-Crank window regulators $50 for both doors

-Dash vents(with nice chrome) $20 each
-Nice Gray card board and cloth inserts(under quarter windows) From 85 T-type $30 for both
-Gray dash pad with a small hole drilled at the lower right of the drivers seat(Its not even noticable) $75
-Visors good for cores(non mirror) $20 a set

-Chrome marker light $35 each
-Both front head light bezels(need to be painted) $70 for both

-Rear center filler(The part that the rear license plate bracket attaches to) $30
-Pass remote mirror bracket(Just the bracket that attaches to the dash) $15
-NOS black plastic seat track cover for rear right side(GM part # 20023766) $20

-Frame in good condition $200

-heater box shield $15
-84-85 Shield to cover heat hoses $15
-bumperette rubber strips in good condition(used GM not after market) $20 each

-Stock factory lighter $8
-Stock Battery hold down $10

-85 gray bucket seats $250
- gray console $150

-Connecting Front Brace $25
-Front frame braces(underside) $25

- 84 GN drivers side upper door panel good condition(but no chrome strips) $40

-Plastic Brackets to mount front air dam $30 for 2(For both sides)
-Good hood shocks $10
-Stock turbo inlet bell $20

-86-87 engine hoist bracket(on intake) $20

-New Felpro Valve cover gaskets(Perma Felpro) VS50156T $10

-87 gray cloth Limited front and rear seats $200
-87 gray column (shift on column) $100
-87 Split bench seat power seat track assembly $100

-Original GN Quarter extensions for car with spoiler $40

-84 Red upper door panels $80 minus chrome/gray strips $50
-Grey T-type upper door panels no chrome strips $50
-87 Maroon upper door panels $50

-Drivers side Blackout head light bezel $40
-Chrome head light bezels painted black $40 for both
-Black trim Marker lights $40 each

-Blackout wheel well moldings $60 each
-Chrome(Regal) wheel well trim moldings $45 each

-84-87 T-type header panel with hole filled $150
-84-87 T-type GM header panel, has some small imperfections $125
-84-87 Grand National GM header panel, has imperfections $125

-Passenger remote mirror(needs paint) $60

-87 GN seat belt set(10 pieces) $120

-84 GN steering column with tilt/cruise $150
-Maroon steering column with tilt/cruise $150
-87 GN grey column with tilt/cruise $150
-87 grey column(shifter on the column) $100
-84 Blue column(shifter on column) $100

-84 tan bucket seats $250 with rear seats $300
-86 blue 86 442 bucket seats $150
-85 Gray 442 bucket seats $150
-Gray Monte SS seats $150

-Maroon bucket seats need recovering $100
-85-87 GN bucket seats need recovering $150

-85-87 Gray concert sound lower door panels $100

-GN Dash Plaque $75
-84-86 T-type dash plaque $50

-86-87 Upper intake(dog house) $30
-86-87 throttlebody complete(sensors,throttle lever, vac manifold) $100
-86-87 bare throttlebody $40
-86-87 Up pipe $25
-86-87 Cruise control assembly $40

-86-87 Water pump pulley $25
-86-87 Main accessory bracket $70
-86-87 Y bracket on back of Alt $35
-86-87 Flat Y bracket on front of AC compressor $35
-86-87 Intercooler brackets $25 each
-86-87 Coil bracket ( The horse shoe shaped bracket) $30

-86-87 Power steering res. bracket $20
-86-87 Power steering pump $70

-87 GN Electric fan $50
-84 rad shroud $30

I have every piece for 84-87 GN engines(stock) E mail if you dont see it.

-86-87 T-type wheels $100 each

-87 locking t-tops $250 a set
-84-85 Non key locking t-tops $150 a set

-Astro roof complete assembly with wire harness, switch etc. $200 wont ship

-Bigger then stock front sway bar $70
-Fuel sender/fuel hanger(analog gauge) $60

-BQ tranny $250
-Rebuilt BQ tranny $400
-D-5 convert $50

-87 chrome grill painted black(looks good) $100


AC compressor(84-85) $40

AC lines(84-85) $40

Adaptor(86-87 oil return to block, brass adapter,screws into block in front) $20
Adaptor(85 Turbo to intake adaptor) $40
Adaptor(Oil cooler adaptor with nut) $35

Air Cleaner scoop(86-87 Scoop for airbreather) $20
Air Cleaner assembly(86-87) $25
Air Cleanerassembly(84-85) $20

Alt.(86-87) $60
Alt.(84-85) $30

Balancer(Turbo harmonic balancer) $80

Battery cable guide(Small plastic guide that holds the posi bat cable to the lower front cover)


Block(109 Block) $250

Cam position sensor just the lower part(no cap) $30
Cam position (sensor with cap) $65

Coil pack(84-85) $40
Coil pack(86-87) $25
Control module(84-85) $50

Connecting rods(2 dot) $40 a set of 6 or $10 for 1

Crossover pipe(84-85 Exhaust crossover pipe) $35

Dip stick and tube(86-87 dipstick and tube) $50
Dip stick and tube(84-85 dipstick and tube) $30

ECM(84-85 ECM) $40

EGR plastic cover $5

Elbow(84-87 Turbo elbow) $25

Flex plate(84-87 Turbo flex plate) $25

Fuel rail(84-85) $25
Fuel rail(86-87) $40

Heads(stock 8445 heads needing rebuild) $50 a set

Injector harness(84-85) $35

Intake manifold(86-87 Upper intake manifold)$35
Intake manifold(84-85 GN intake) $40

Intercooler $45
Intercooler brackets both for $40

MAF(84-85 MAF) $40

Main accessory bracket(86-87,the big alum. one) $70
Main accessory bracket(84-85) $40

Motor mounts(metal, frame mounts) $35

Oil pan(Turbo oil pan) $40 each

Power steering pump(86-87) $70

Pulley(86-87 Water pump pulley) $25
Pulley(86-87 Alt pulley)$20

Rock arms+shafts(stock, complete set) $35

Throttlebody(84-85 Throttlebody with TPS,IAC motor,vacuum manifold) $40
Throttlebody(86-87 Throttlebody bare) $35

Throttle bracket(84-85 Throttle bracket) $20
Throttle cable(84-85 Throttle cable) $30

Timing cover $35

Valve covers(set of 2) (84-85) $30
Valve covers(set of 2) (86-87) $50

Vapor cannister $10

Wire harness(84-85 engine wire harness) $150


I have every color interior part including green.

Arm Rests( grey, red, Maroon or blue arm rests) $20 for 2
Arm rest(Light sage green arm rests(these are the rare light green color)) $30 for both

Concert sound speaker covers(84 GN) $50
Console shifter plate(Plate on console that goes around the shifter)$25

Dash pad no cracks(grey or Maroon) $120

Digital dash gauge cluster $200

Door panels(85-87 GN lower door panels) $60
Door panels(85-87 T-type grey lower door panels) $40
Door panels(85-87 T-type Maroon lower door panels) $40
Door panels(85-87 T-type Blue lower door panels) $40

Gauge cluster(Analog) $100
Gauge cluster(Digital) $200

Radio(Stock GN radio with cass, no EQ) $40

Sail panels(Grey interior panels around the quarter windows) for T-top car $40 for both
Sail panels(Grey interior panels around the quarter windows) for Hardtop car $40 for both

Seats(87 GN Front bucket seats need recovering) $150

Shifter $35(84-87 GN, needs T handle)

Steering wheel(good to have recovered) $40
Steering wheel(Tri shield GN horn center $40 no ring)
Steering wheel(T-type horn center $30 no ring)
Steering wheel(T horn center $30 no ring)

Surround(Gauge surround) $30
Surround(radio surround) $20

Third brake light(Grey, red, Maroon, or blue Third brake light)$20 Each

T-TOP trim around the t-tops on the inside of the car in, Maroon, grey and blue $25 for each


Body Parts:

Blackout trim for front windshield $25 each piece or $60 for all 3
Blackout trim for rear window $20 each piece or $50 for all 3
Blackout trim around the door windows $20 each piece
Blackout Drip rails(hard top) $40 for both

Blackout(Trunk Lid blackout trim piece) $40

Blackout trim, T-top boot shaped trim that the T-tops lay on $60 for both

Bumper(GN Rear black bumper) $100
Bumper reinforcement(Alum. Front bumper reinforcement)$90
Bumper reinforcement(Alum. rear bumper reinforcement) $70
Front bumper shocks $25 for both
Rear bumper shocks $25 for both

Fenders(84-87 GN fenders(GM)) $100 each

Grill 87 GN Grill $200
Grill 87 Chrome grill painted black $125
Grill 86 T-type grill $50
Grill emblem(87 , says "Buick") $15

Hood(GN hood) $150-$250 (pick up only)
Hood Scoop(GN Hood scoop, cut from a metal GN hood) $50

Lock set(all 3 locks with key) $30

Mirror(Drivers mirror) $20
Mirror(Passenger Mirror,non remote)$20
Mirror(Passenger Mirror, Remote) $65

Quarter windows with blackout trim $100 for both sides

Tail lights with blackout trim $160
tail lights with chrome trim $80

T-top boot shaped trim that the T-tops lay on $60 for both

Wheel well(Drivers Turbo plastic wheel well) $100 each
Wheel well(Passenger Turbo plastic wheel well) $150 each

Any other blackout piece e mail me I have them all


Antenna base nut and spacer for Power antenna with black trim $10

Control arms(Front lower)$50
Control arms(Front upper)$30

Gas Tank(Turbo gas tank) $40 WON'T ship pick up only

Heater box(Complete heater box, For AC car) $120
Heater box shield $15

PowerMaster to firewall adaptor(bracket) $30
power trunk mechinism $20

Steering box(87 GN Power steering ) $35
Sway Bars(GN sway bars) $25 each

Transmission cross member $40

84/85 Tranny dip stick and tube $40
86/87 Tranny dip stick and tube $45
Transmission oil pan(Stock 200 4r tranny pan) $25

84-85 T-type wheels $40 each or 4 for $120

windshield wiper motor $40

E mail or PM me.(Best way to contact me.)
PlZ pics of 87 maroon buckets, upper door panels, shifter handle & t top trim inner molding all parts must be maroon my email is or text 9172995728 any time is fine thank you

PlZ pics of 87 maroon buckets, upper door panels, shifter handle & t top trim inner molding all parts must be maroon my email is or text 9172995728 any time is fine thank you


I have the maroon buckets and the upper door panels. I have maroon inner t-top trim pieces that go around the t-top area, but not the pieces on the inside of the t-tops.
Pics PlZ & a ruff idea on all shipped to 11232 Brooklyn ny or willing meet half way @ border of ct & ri off rt95
Cam position sensor just the lower part(no cap) $30 - still available?