Big Stuff 3 Special


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May 24, 2001
Big Stuff 3 System for 86-87 Buick = $ 1695.00
This system includes Plug N Play Interface Harness.
Free Start Up Program & Tech Support Provided.
Call Holly @ 321-722-1563 to order.
Cal, are you getting away from XFI ? or just going to carry some other brands as well ?
i dont think cal is getting away from XFI. Cal is the man give support for both XFI and bigstuff3 wow.
This price is only good through the end of the month!

We have always been distributors/tuners of other systems. A majority of the Buick people have FAST systems, so that is what we sell the most of.

FWIW: We are one of the few Buick dealers that are an authorized EMIC for Accel systems, too!
At what level would one benefit from in going to BS3 or XFi for that matter?
i think anything from the low 11's would benifit but then again i can see a 12 and 13 second car benift from it as well. from the research i have done on the board i want one but just dont have the money.
The further your combination strays from stock, IMO, the more you can benefit. The question boils down to your finances as to when that point is reached.
that is true. i have read alot about peoples gains from going from the stock ecm to the XFI and the gains just from switching over is worth the money.
Thanks for the reply Cal. LeeO and I will be in touch with you this fall about a new setup for my car...........might just save you another ass-whippen' :D
cal what next racing or you going to. thinks

I will be at a few non-Buick races. As far as buick races, I won't be at the Osceola race. I will probably be at Cecil, Reynolds, Pheonix, and Las Vegas if they have it.