Big time help, new turbo no burnout!


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Slapped on a te-44 turbo and terry houston downpipe and now i can no longer achieve a burnout, i get to about 6 or 7 psi ( or so it says on stock gauge) instantly and then nothing, i take off and the lag is unbarable for the first few psi then at high rpm it takes off, any body else hae problems with their te-44? any help would be great
I believe that would either be converter related or you have a massive exhaust leak. Look into both of those. i dont know what converter you need with that turbo but I imagine the stock one would be sufficient.
i have stock converter on, i just pulled off headers today and fixed all the leaks and cracks, my crossover pipe has a leak but its not anything that would cause this kind of lag
Have you tried checking the wastegate puck to the wastegate hole alignment? The hole may be larger than the puck. I would make sure you have no exhaust leaks prior to the turbo. You said that the crossover pipe is leaking but not bad. I would not rule it out. Check the wastegate hole and puck.
Are you getting to your desired boost level?

If not, you may need to adjust the rod IN further.

But I agree, it sounds like a wastegate hole/puck issue. When you get this figured out, it might be a good time to go to a Manual Boost Controller ( MBC ) since you have the stock TQ converter.

Brake torque it and tell us your BLM #.
A.) I wouldn't trust that stock boost guage you're looking at.

B.) What exhaust housing is on the turbo? This sounds about normal for one with a Precision housing instead of a Garrett housing.

wastegate pucks covers the turbohole plenty enough, its got .63 on the exhaust housing i think, will try to lean it out a bit and see what happens, no clue what blm means, i dont have a scanmaster
I had the same problem and was sure it was a converter problem for weeks and then realized i had an exhaust leak between the turbo and the downpipe.