Bigger front or Rear disc???


Jul 30, 2003
I assume there are more members in this section.

I'm hoping for some feedback from those who have upgraded the braking of their TR.
My question is do you recommend going to larger front discs or going to rear discs?? I will probably only be able to do one right now. My car is used on the street only.
I also plan to drop the car slightly and change the wheels in the future (17's?). I want my car to handle and stop well.
Also, supplier recommendations??

Thanks alot for your time,

Larger front disks will give way more bang for the buck than rear disks. Seach for 12" brake conversion in the archive, there is lots of good info there.
I did the complete conversion 4 years ago. Huge improvement in stopping distances. But if I where to do it again, I would just do the front brakes. Fronts do most of the work anyhow. Can't hold much boost on the line at the track either. Drums actually worked better for that. Do the fronts first then decide if you want to bother with the rear.

Good luck


thanks alot guys. 1000MileStylez e-mail sent. Scott, what about the street?? Did you car stop better?? That is my main concern.

Yes, pretty much night and day difference. Once you start modifying these Buicks, you should upgrade the front brakes if you running around on the streets. Again I would just do the fronts, the rears are PIA. You need to machine the axle hub down and align the calipers up.

Seems the wisest thing to do then is get the absolute biggest/best front brake possible versus going to marginal front and back discs with cost as a consideration?? How much better is the Baer 13" front disc (which I'm assuming is the best, most expensive) over say, the Camaro 1LE 12" disc ??

Thanks again for all your time,

The problem with that is rims, I had to go to 16" GNX rims to fit
the 12" disk. A 13" disk probably would need 17" rims.
I fit 15" rims with the Baer 12" kit.

ARE 23's don't look half bad for $100 a pop either. :)

13" Baers you might find some 16" wheels that will fit them.

Get a template from the kit on their website and head on down to the wheel store. ;)
i just did the 11" rotor swap (12" is a-body) which should dramatically improve stoping, single piston at 2 1/2" diameter, i think thats the size. Anyways it big, along with Powerstop cross drilled rotors.

All you need is f-body spindles(mine are from a 1980 comaro) but you need hotchkis or global west tubular a-arms for correct geometry. I got my brake calipers remanufactured from my work. You will need the bolts and bushings for the calipers along with the antirattle clips (optional). I got 550 degree red engine paint for the calipers to match my tierods and centerlink from moog. The spindles are por-15 sterling silver

for more details on the upper a-arms

thanks for the info guys. ARE 23's? Do you have pics?
I would also consider going to the 16X8 GNX style wheel as well. I like the look.

If you are going to do it, do it once and go 12"

Parts needed:

12 inch b body spindles ( 11 inch b car spindles are diffrent)
70-74 f car calipers, and hardware
89-92 1le f car rotors
70-74 pads
b car bearings and cap

They fit under 15 inch rims and fill my pro starts nicely ;)