biggest wheel and tire without notching


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Sep 11, 2005
whats the biggest wheel and tire combo you can fit under a g body without notching the frame? I would like to put some 15x10s with 28x12.5x15 et streets under my car, anyone tried this combo, or a similar one without notching the frame?
I can't say if the 15X10" wheels will fit. I guess it depends on the backspacing. I can say that the 28x12.5x15 ET streets will fit on a weld 15X8 draglite W/3.5" have airbags in both rear springs and pump them up to 20 pounds. I had them on my car. The downside is increased rear ride height and a pretty bouncy ride. I would also suggest that you go to a 28" tall tire in the front as well, to somewhat offset the increased rear height. I used 4" wide Welds with M/T front runners.Not so safe on the road, but looked great.