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Mar 3, 2006
I would just like to take a moment to give Brian a long over due thank you for all his insight and help the past few months. I bought my second Gn recently after selling my first one 10 plus years ago My new car has XFI and allot of supporting mods that are new to me so I once again came to the board for some much needed guidance as I have in the past. Driving the car the first week I instantly knew the tune was way off and needed to fast track to someone that has the experience and knowledge to straighten my car out. After combing the board for tuners within a few hours from me bison performance kept coming up and after looking at his posts and seeing his non stop dedication and knowledge to help other members I knew I needed to get my car up to him. Anybody can throw money at high dollar parts and get some performance gains but it takes someone with allot of experience and know how to look at my car and within 30 mins can tell me with confidence that it will put down over 600 RWHP no problem. Mind you when I bought the car I was told it went to a local "excellent" tuner and made 450RWHP. After Brian looked at the tune Brian acknowledged almost instantly how bad the tune was and I would probably taking heads off soon. So we started a drivability tune and low and behold after 15 psi of boost I was pressurizing the coolant system. Brought it home, put in cometic gaskets, brought the car back to Brian and car laid down 554RWHP with zero knock.. Only reason it didn't hit 600 was because of the inferior waste gate that came with the car. I have reached out to Brian for a dozen lifelines and he always takes the time to give advice to get it done right the first time. Even when I decide not to pester him for advice he ends up indirectly answering anyway because as I'm going through a thread to find my answer there he his answering my question to another member. Sorry this is so long but I know there are other members that are new or back after many years looking for a top notch tuner/Gn tech that's not going to BS you and just wanted to give an ounce of insight into why I would spend the money and ship my car to CT if I lived in California. Thanks Again Brian!
Thank you Dave. I appreciate it.
Wait until it cools down some. It's going to be a lot stronger

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I have to agree, Brian is the best. We are fortunate that he is right here in CT. He did a great job on my 86 GN last year. I hope to get back to his shop soon for the final dial in of the mods he did ( my old tires just went up in smoke when he tried last year ) I have new M/T's all around now.