Sociopathic TR Ownership
I purchsed a Duttneck SLIC from him, fast shipping, packed this thing like it was made of glass. Great guy to deal with, I appreciate it Brian.....:D
I know Brian real well, he's one of the lucky guys to come to kansas city and see my junk in the garage. :smile:

Very nice guy, you got to meet him in person, you could talk alll night with the guy and not skip a beat...

He really is awesome and can explain how everything in life works, no wonder he is a engineer!

I just wish I had as much stuff to play with as you do..... I wouldn't know what parts to install on what car..... LOL

Thanks for the kind words...
Thats the problem, i have too much stuff i cant enjoy them anymore...

Brian, your da man, i hope you make it to BG next year and we can have a great time like we did a few years ago...

Checks in the mail.... Thats exactly what i used to tell my grandma in highschool for car storage....:eek:

Let me know next time your in KC buddy:biggrin: