blocks, steel cranks, rods and a bunch of misc parts


Stage 11 in the work's
May 5, 2007
stage 2 on center block 4.0 bore and will clean up at 4.010 no sleeves or holes nice block

stage 2 on center block has had 2 sleeves done recently it is 4.020 bore and cross bolted 1500.00

LA Billet crank 3.570 stroke wide journal billet crank

bms 3.590 crank wide journal w15 1500.00

6.650 Oliver billet rods new in box on center 900.00

6.500 corillo rods on center wide journal 600.00

stage 2 heads complete 1000.00

m&a heads complete with rockers 1100.00

T&D roller rockers for stage heads 450.00

4.0 bore J&E pistons new in box for turbo setup 650.00

83# and 72# injectors 200.00 per set

55# injectors 125.00

AMS 500 boost controller complete 300.00

AMS 1000 new was installed and pulled back off of car never was powered up 650.00

Co2 bottle and regulator setup

9in art carr converter non lockup 400.00

turbo 400 gas been freshener up has shift kit will include the 400 yoke a 3000 stall, shifter, polly tranny mount 1800.00

85 hot air intake, wiring harness, stainless headers, stock turbo message me if intrested in 85 stuff also have a short block.

drive shaft loop 40.00

1/4 Windows stock intake maf hose 1 real nice the other one is in pretty good shape also

the fastest and best way to contact me is by text or call 270-300-8046
Please send pics of Stage 2 T&D roller set, top side and bottom.