Blow off valve on iced hot air, is it posible?


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Is it posible to install a blow off valve on an 85? I installed a spearco ic kit on it. If it is posible could anyone tell me what part of the pipe does the bov go on. The inlet side of the ic or the outlet pipe. Also where do i run the vacume line off of the bov. If anyone has any pics it would be very apreciated.
The TB is before the turbo. A BOV will do nothing and is useless in this configuration. I added one after I moved the TB to the pressure side of things.

If you mount one, it goes on the intercooler plumbing close by the intake. You want to use a vacuum line that is after the throttlebody like the vacuum block on top, the "T" on the back of the intake, or tap into the plug on the front of the intake.
I had to move my TB when I intercooled the car. There's a lot writen on this in the hotair section. To make it short back in '94 after intercooling my car I had no idle and very bad drivability. I finally figured out that it was the TB being literally 15' from the intake. Once the TB is near the intake, it feels like a different car and spool is greatly improved. I don't know why Spearco doesn't make a way to move the TB with their kit.
Why do you need a BOV anyway?
Is it a vaild argument that the car has been working for the last 21 years enough proof you dont need one....spend the money on a Alky kit, or something worthwhile.