Blown motor?


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Feb 7, 2004
I just got my tranny straightened out and took it to the track.First run, I think I blew the motor.Car runs like crap now and hear a pinging on the pass. side head.No water in the oil,It is smoking motor oil smoke out of the breather by-pass filters pretty bad.It smoked real bad when I did it.Possibly over-reved.Little bit of motor oil sprayed under hood, but not tons.Bent valves maybe?Any obvious suggestions?:confused:
Sounds like you are pressurizing the crankcase and forcing oil and smoke out the breathers. Could have blown a headgasket to the lifter valley, broken a ring or chunked a piston. A simple compression test should confirm it.

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Buzz White in Houston, TX
Sounds like a headgasket to me. I had the exact same symptoms last spring. Blew the headgasekt to the intake valley on the drivers side. Good luck on the repair.
Well,I guess I'll start with a compression test.Sounds like whether its a head gasket or rocker arm, it is in the pass. side head.Another thing I noticed it doing was if you have ever heard a car with a broken timing belt crank up.It isn't quite that bad, but it cranks over faster than it should in a simimlar manner.No compression maybe is why, from either a blown head gasket or a open valve.
possible blown head gasket

I guess it could be worse, after all. Buicks are tough, and you never know....My motor had a detonation episode, while I was being dogged by a late model Camaro. Cylinders 3 and 6 have never been the same, blew the electrodes right off the plugs. The damn thing keeps ticking, though, idles as smooth as ever, and puts out almost as much power as it ever did. Anyway, good luck with your troubles, let us know the outcome!