Bluetop 36# injectors and TT chip and powerlogger


May 6, 2014
I have a set of blue top 36# injectors that came from chuck Leeper and a turbo tweak chip from Eric Marshall. During start up after engine rebuild was having issues with firing so builder put some 42# in there and that’s what I have now. I would suggest another cleaning. Comes with the chip to match.
135.00 shipped

Power logger
Brand new still in box.
165.00 shipped

Hit me up if you have any questions
A033C61F-ADA2-4859-904E-5ACBAFD61727.jpeg 2F7EF431-0853-4D18-ADDE-DD8D3DCE5ADC.jpeg C938DF32-63E9-41E1-85A5-B4415D91A1E4.jpeg 8F99280A-991A-4548-882F-A30176A77F8E.jpeg 92D6DD10-2438-40E6-9E4B-BB611753E380.jpeg B8E42280-D984-4AB3-A8FC-7FA3951ABC24.jpeg 264DE0BA-D879-431C-9301-1342AEB44585.jpeg 22E0CCC1-AEA7-425B-A2E3-E47950043159.jpeg 8FE19127-3410-4A48-A1D7-4B2C019B2771.jpeg DF9E5A1C-0737-47C6-86EF-FCDD997D8CC9.jpeg
I'll buy the powerlogger, if it gets to me. Feel free to email direct if it does ( ready,

It means if the guy who was interested before me doesn't buy it.

I will buy it provided this has the scanmaster upgrade....Please email me your Paypal info directly. My email is