BMS hub


Jun 15, 2004
Anyone have any experince with the bms balancer hub and the standard coil pack ignition? Are the timing slots correct?
I am not sure if they are 100% dead on but my SII car is a standard coil pack/ ignition car and used the BMS hub. I will try to dig it out (motor is apart at this time) and see if maybe it was re-marked to correct anything.

What happened to your BHJ balancer? I'd use that if you still have it. If you want a BMS timing hub I have one. Let me know if you need it.

The BHJ is an actual dampener which helps reduce engine harmonics the BMS hub is just that and doesn't do anything for harmonics. I'll trade you the BMS hub for your BHJ balancer if you like. ;)

As far as the reluctor placement on the BMS hub I believe it is the same as the stock balancer as the BMS ignition system is very similar to the stock ignition. If it's off by a couple of degrees you can adjust the reference angle to get the correct timing.

Not to hijack, but I have a Hub with the GN Trigger installed on it if anyone looking for one.