Boardwalk Ferrari Fall Concourso


eggs are liquid chicken
Jan 7, 2004
October 23rd from 10am till' 2pm.

I added an American Steel Class. We saw a couple good entries for the spring show.

I would like to see some TR's and TTA's there if possible!!!!

E-mail me to register your car.

The whole thing is free. We had about 220 cars last time, so please come and enjoy yourself.

May be a facility tour in it fer ya!!!
I don't have my car back yet plus I work on Saturdays but I will post this up on our club forum.
What the hell is a Concourso?? Is that a fancy name for a car show :cool:

I doubt I will make it but tell Jennifer at the receptionist desk I said hello :eek:
Hey...check it out....we have a website.....:tongue:

Now this all makes sense. You are stalking me.
Well I expect that the "her" said baaa to you Ty so I doubt "she" can dial a phone.:eek::biggrin::tongue: