Body Ground for Amp


NCSU Go Pack!
May 25, 2001
Finally got my amp....won it on E-bay in sep. Anyway...I've mounted it where the spare tire goes. With the trunk kit I can hide it 100%. Two questions though. There is a body ground back there for the frame housing. Can I Ziz wheel off me a clean place on it and it be a suitible ground? Or should I drill a hole and run the wire to the frame below?My co-worker says that the body ground will be fine. Just wanted to ask you guys first. Two: Will the space the amp will sit in be suitible for heat disipation when I cover it with the cardboard piece that is molded to fit over the spare tire?

Yes you can use a body ground but more than likely will pick up motor noise through a ground loop. I personally would drill a hole and use frame ground, and have never had any motor noise problems with this method. Just a friendly install tip.

FYI, people have brought their vehicles to me complaining of motor noise after they installed their own amp and 9 times out of 10, they used a body ground :eek: .