Body Panel Welding Question


Turbo Member
Jun 1, 2001
I have access to an Miller MIG welder. I do not know the model number of it. Anyway I am going to have the person weld on part of a quarterpanel for a Turbo Regal I am restoring. I was wondering what size wire should be used, what speed and the heat or amperage range?
I know it needs to be tack welded in before it is welded in a continuos bead.
DO NOT WELD A CONTINUOUS BEAD...tack it in many places until it LOOKS like a continuous bead (only bumpy like a ****ty weld job)

If you weld continuously you will overheat and warp the metal, so make a bunch of tach welds until it's completely welded then grind it down carefully, and slowly so you don't over heat it with the grinder....if you warp it you'll NEVER get it right.

Other then that I have no idea on the wire and stuff, but if you do it like that I probably won't matter to awful much.
The wire size, wire speed and all the settings are dependant on the person using the welder. A good welder if expeienced with the miller will know exactly what they prefer.
Have the person weld on some test panels to get the settings that suit them best.
Ok thanks guys I just wanted to find a good base starting point. The person welding is used to welding thick steel and was never fomally trained but has been welding over 30 years.
My bro helped me with mine with a similar welder for the DS quarter. We used a wet rag and short, spot welds to keep warpage down. Even a lil heat will warp the panels!! take your time or itll all go to sh*t.