Bolt sizes needed


Hi folks,

Some trivia for you. What are the specs (size, thread pitch) on the bolts that secure?

1. The front & rear bumper fillers to the body
2. The two front air dams to the body

Thanks, several broke when I was removing the fillers and I'd like to pick up a set of new ones.

Thanks to the gurus,
The bumper filler hardware might be metric, but I'm not sure on the thread.

Air dams are whatever you want to use, as the hardware that is stock can be completely removed and replaced with new hardware of your choice. I would recommend standard thread nuts and bolts with flat washers large enough so that the bolt head does not pull through the bumper or the air dam when installing, as well as lock washers to keep them from coming undone. Bolts installed from the top through the bumper and air dams, with washers on both sides and lock washers and nuts on bottom. Been there, done that about 6 times in dealing with not only my Buicks over the years, but also with friends Buicks. I am about to do it again on my current car.