Bolt Torque


Gotta Love That BOOST!
Oct 6, 2003
I know everybody's asked this question already but I gonna ask again;)

When installing my cylinder heads on my new motor I used ARP head bolts with stock graphite headgaskets...Their torque spec. on their bolt was 65 ft.lbs. with using their lube... So I torqued the heads to 65 ft.lbs...

My question is, should I retorque the bolts to 85 Ft.Lbs like I've been told or just leave em. My buddy torqued his to 65 ft.lbs. and hasn't had any problems yet. And he's running 23# of boost with stock headgaskets....:eek:
the reason for the 65ft/lb spec is because arp says there
lubricant reduce the friction so much that it would be equally
torqued compared to a bolt torqued with oil. i installed arp
head studs but used oil and torqued to 85ft/lbs.
So should I just leave them like they are because I used ARP's Lube/sealer??????

Or should I torque them to 85 ft.lbs....:confused:
Personally, if you used the lubricant, I would leave them and hope for the best. Probably be fine. But I've never only gone to 65#, so I can't speak from experience. I've always gone to 85-90# (ARP studs)...

85 ft lbs is were you should torque the head bolts to. It will not hurt to retorque the bolts again as long as you do them all and in the proper sequence. We sometimes retorque heads three times or more before installing an engine, allowing a day or so to sit between each retorque. I would not feel safe with 65 lbs at any boost level. Tell your buddy that he should also retorque his heads to 85, You can still retorque after running the engine and it is not a bad idea to heat cycle the motor before retorquing it.
Never tried to retorque the bolts with the motor in the car!!!!:D

It'll be a good winter project.....:)