Bonehead move - need advice


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Apr 26, 2018
These Hot Airs are a different animal when it comes to replacing the fuel injectors -

Installing new injectors on my Hot Air, so I removed the throttle body, turbo, turbo shield & fuel rail. While I had everything off I decided to clean up the intake manifold. Plugged all the holes and gave the engine compartment a good shot of air and some elbow grease. While I had the turbo off, I decided to give that a good cleaning too. Installed the new injectors, turbo shield and the turbo oil drain tube by inserting it into the grommet on the intake manifold. I left the tube plugged with a stopper and wound down for the evening putting tools away in preparation for finishing up the job in the morning. Started at the crack of dawn. Grabbed the turbo bolting it onto the turbo shield and bolted up the turbo drain pipe. What a pain in the ass it was getting the back bolt of the drain pipe in the turbo bottom of the turbo, but I persevered. Finished up by installing the throttle body, vacuum hoses and appendages. Slipped the new TT Chip in the ECM and fired it up. Looking for any problems when after a couple minutes the up pipe and down pipe began spewing oil all over my clean manifold. I shut the car down. Pulled off the throttle body and turbo with the turbo drain pipe. Oil still spewing out of the elbow & turbo housing. Disconnect the drain pipe and saw that I had forgot to remove the plug in the turbo drain pipe. :mad:

:poop: - I soaked up as much oil out of the elbow and housing as I could. The turbine wheel is clean, but the compressor wheel is still saturated with oil.

QUESTION - Is it OK to put the turbo back on in this condition or do I need to clean all the oil residue form the turbo ???
Got the Turbine and Compressor sides mixed up, sorry for the confusion.......
If it were mine, I'd clean it up best I could with some carb cleaner and put it together and send it. Just some time and carb clean. You can always do it again if that doesn't work out.

Anybody who has worked on stuff has stories like this.