Boost Commander cruise to boost issue


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May 24, 2001
IF the BC is set at 18lbs and I am cruising on the highway at 65 and then get on it - it goes right to 18 and i get 5-6kr. 0 to 80 and i see absolutely no knock whatsoever.

I am considering taking it off. Any thoughts?


You usually need to run lower boost in 3rd and 4th because these gears cause a higher load on your engine. It may be that 18psi is too much boost at that load. The BstC has a switch that you can set it to pull back your boost by a set amount in 3rd and 4th gear, precisely for this reason. I don't have any instrcutions nearby to tell you which switch to move but if you read yours carefully you should be able to figure it ou.
if the #4 switch or the farthest on the right is in the off position the boost will be scaled back and can be increased or decreased.