Boost control?


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I have a Boost contoller mounted under my dash.When i swapped turbo's for some reason I couldn't adjust the boost lower or higher.It stays at 17lbs when it hits max boost.I use to have a 60-1 turbo and now I have a TE-44 turbo.I also have a Racegate that is mounted right between the crossover pipe located closer to the driver's side(I have had the same set up for both turbo's).I can't understand why i can't control the boost.Maybe i have to adjust the Racegate screw but then how could i control the boost from my Boost control knob in my car?The only difference is that the TE-44 turbo that i bought has a direct line that goes directly to the turbo which connects to a vaccum line.My 60-1 Turbo had no fitting for a vacuum hose to run directly to the turbo.Maybe or does Anyone have a clue on what my problem could be :confused: