Boost controller...


I know 8sec Pete!!!
Feb 18, 2002
Please list the type of boost controller you use and where I could get it from and how much it cost...I am looking into dffrent types of controllers and want to know whats good....Thanx..Shawn
I have used and installed the ANS turbo controller. It plugs in and can go inside the car. It works well. Poston's has the ANS controller. I also use the Grainger valve, it works good also.
Get rid of those boost controllers and set up to real league.

I use the Innovative Boost Controller. I has a digital readout for the amount of boost you want to run. Say you want 15#s, you put the number 15 on the controller and it will do 15#. It also has ramp rate, meaning how fast the boost builds up.

The good thing about this controller it compensates for the weather. The manual ones keep have to be compensated for the weather. How many times did you guys set the boost one day and the next day is 5#s higher?

In my opinion the manual controllers are a pain in the a$$.

Billy T.
I use a mbc from joe p that is a dual ball bearing, not a grainger valve or spray gun valve. The dual ball bearing does not fluctuate on weather more than 1/2 psi and the thing is $50. Spools the car way faster than stock and you can turn IN THE ROD to get more spool up. You have to set it under the hood but I have had it for a year and have only great things to say about joes mbc.

Theres a reason about 10,000 import turbos have his mbc. With our adjustable rods, we get even better spool up than the imports.
BOOOSSST controllerz

I agree w/ Billy T. I use the INNOVATIVE unit. I have gone a step further and took advantage of the controls for boost settings in each gear.
I use a T-400 w/ a brake. I also use a B&M PRO Ratchet shifter.
I put a micro,[actually the back up lite sw. provided w/ the shifter],
on a mount plate on the rt side of the shifter. when I ratchet up to another gear, the micro is bumped for a split second, [controller requires a momentary 12vdc to change to next gear] and it changes the boost to the level set on the controller.:cool:
Therefore: I have control of boost when on the brake, then to low gear,[GREAT for the street!!], then to 2nd, then to 3rd.:D :D
The ramp feature is also great on the street.. you can control how fast the boost comes up so the tires stay on the wheels!!:eek:
It AIN'T cheap!!:mad: Bout $500. Has poor install kit w/ it.. no small hose barbs for plumbing. Instructions are good.
I made a plate that fits under the radio console and is powdercoated wrinkle black. Easy to see & set. Takes some time to wire and install. Has it's own MAP sensor, so it corrects for baro automatically when you key it up.