boost gauge w/ memory

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Not my idea, heard this at a tech session, but though it is something usefull. There are tach's with memory to see where you high shifts were, how about a boost gauge that shows where you peaked on boost at the end of a run?
I've been looking for a boost / pressure gauge with a "tell tale" pointer on it. I've seen gauges with them before.

The cheapest one I've found so far was $50 and liquid is more of an industrial gauge and wouldn't look quite right in the car.

Westach has some neat gauges, and I think I've seen one of their boost gauges with a memory and a warning light. I went to their website and couldn't find it.

The thing I don't like about Fast Freddies is that it holds the highest reading until you release if your boost was dropping during the run, you wouldn't see it.