Boost readings with fast ans 3 bar map

Otto J

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May 31, 2001
It seems that every car i tune running 30#s or more boost,only shows 30.2# on fast, Boost gauge reads more.Is it that the 3 bar only reads to 30#s? Because the car i just dynoed was reading 35 on 2 other gauges but the fast never read higher than 30.2
Do i need to run a different map sensor to read boost above 30#s?
PTE sells the kit around $200 i believe. However i wouldn't be too concerned, if the a/f is close. You going to lose some resolution i would think with the 5 bar , since theres only so many rows. The fast just keeps the last ve number in the last row as its reference. You better give pte a call and see how the 5 bar is set up.

My main concern was not an a/f concern,But i record boost so i can go back and read it later.