Bose cd player woes


Jun 11, 2001
Just found out the hard way that a bose cd player doesn't like to cooperate with aftermarket amps. But supposedly a hi/lo in-line converter is supposed to remedy my problem. I will hook the converter up and see what happens. I will let anyone interested know the results.
Use line level inverter and make sure that when you hook up the inverter to the line out signals that you have them in the proper phase or anything that you feed the amplifiers will be out of phase and will sound terrible on the lower frequencies. Proper phasing means alot for proper driver operation.
Bose diagram

I should have a diagram of a Bose head unit stored with some other wiring diagrams that shows which wires are which if you need them.
Did you wire female rca connectors straight out the radios harness, and then just hook them up to the rca inputs of the amp? I did it taht way, and had no problems at all. You might have to play witrh the gains and all, but it should work fine that way. A bose headunit is already lo-level so you really shouldn't need any kind of adapters.