KB/Ultraflo Exhaust, Autometer, radio/speakers, chrome, New frt cover, susp stuff and Much Much MORE


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Jun 26, 2001
All prices are without paypal fees. You should feel safe to send as a gift, but add the fees if you must.

My email and Paypal is Jqn555@live.com. Please feel free to post here, email or PM, but email gets the fastest response. I plan on being at Noble, OK mid September and can deliver there also.

Please if you have no interest in buying, skip this add. I've had a few adds lately where guys chimed in and screwed things up. Don't like the price or part? that's ok... move on.

2.5" kennebelle stainless exhaust system in very good condition with ultraflow mufflers. Needs a little elbow grease to clean up but the tips will polish up and the mufflers are low mileage (<500 or so). This setup was on my car and ran the times in my signature at low 20's boost. This is an easy 9 second or faster even capable system. Comes with stainless band clamps at the muffler joints and proper hangers for the frame area after the mufflers. Also bolts the rear of frame. This system is as good or better than any other 2.5" system out there in flow. I hate to sell it but can't use it. It did barely clear my 3.5" drive shaft (do yourself a favor and buy one of the best systems you can put together here and save on shipping)
sold sold sold.

Chrome turbo shield - has crack in the back that isn't really noticeable. has some rust pits, but should clean up with some 0000 steel wool. I spent 5 mins on it to get it to where it is... any more and I'd charge more.

Brand new stock sized gear front cover. I bought this before inspecting my own to be good and fine.
$120 shipped.

Brand new turbo oil return line from Cottons performance. $80 shipped.

Very nice condition stock headers and crossover. Last time these were on a car, they went 10.60 at the track and beat a motorcycle on the street before the driver crashed into a wall.. $180 shipped.

Brand new genuine Tial Sport 50mm Blow off vale with aluminum weld flange, etc. $250 shipped.

Like new stock springs. Less than 100 miles on them bought last year. Sold

Autometer Ultralite boost $71, oil $81, water gauges $61 with caspers knock detector $88 with sending units for oil $36 and water $17 and gauge holders $35 each:

Autometer sport comp 5" tack with shift light and caspers tach adapter ($261 new from summit, $32 from caspers). comes with mounting plate for the side of the driver dash panel.
$165 shipped.

G-body parts Radiator upper and lower hard lines with hoses in nice condition: $125 each new upper and lower
sold sold sold

GM chassis service manuels. basically free, you pay the shipping..
sold sold sold

Kenwood plug and play CD player and JL audio 3.5" dash speakers - brand new are the speakers.
$150 shipped for both.

ATR cold air intake can with 14" k&N plus stock MAF (was good when pulled) and 3" Aluminum MAF pipe.
$200 shipped.

Aftermarket upper control arms new and not mounted

Wolfe Racecraft spherical rear end joints (upper) with upgraded teflon bushings. low mileage.
$65 shipped

Hurst Roll Control kit: doesn't look new, but looks unused and can clean up, but there's some corrosion from the outside from sitting in a damp place? I don't know. has everything ass seen in this kit: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/huu-1745000
sold sold sold

Caspers heated o2 sensor kit brand new ($93 new)
$75 shipped

Vacuum lines and billet vacuum adapter - used condition
Sold sold sold

Caspers CCCI simulater with spark plug wire testers
$100 shipped
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Interested in exhaust.I know its not super quiet,but is there alot of drone?First in line please.Sent you an email!!!Thanks
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Interested in knock sensor. It may be the way it appears on the phone app, but the paragraph is a little hard to follow for individual prices on the gauges. Is it $88 or $61?

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That's not the knock sensor price...that what it is new... I listed it so guys know what I'm asking relative to new... i priced the gauges s together, but there's a chance for a split up...I will update later.
Books are tentative now to thunder toad.
I'll take the following, can pick up at Noble:
+) Like new stock springs
+) Vacuum lines & billet vacuum adapter

Next inline:
+) G-body parts Radiator upper and lower hard lines w/ hoses
+) 2.5" Kenne Belle stainless exhaust system

Who makes/sells the new stock sized gear front cover?