Bought a new converter

As much as I am embarrassed to say, this is straight 93oct. We had the maf curve dialed in real nice on the dyno. since then I have modified the hotside including new headers, changed the cold side piping around, and the converter. Being so out of wack makes no sense to me so I emailed Ken at sct to get his 02. He basically broke it down to me the maf sensor is the most delicate sensor ford ever put on a car. Changing the flow of air in/out of the motor will throw the maf calibration out. I need to "model" air flow in his words. There are no vac leaks btw...

As much as I hate to make excuses the af is not the only thing wrong. The car is shifting at 5500rpm where it should be around 6200rpm. also having an issue with the throttle body not opening fully. Like I read a lot on this site, tune, tune, tune, then tune some more! This is where I'm at. This hobby Just takes time and money I guess??
Having a tough time with this throttle linkage and being able to stick the throttle wot and hold it there. Part of the problem is nerves I'm sure because sometimes I get that tremble in my leg, namely my calf muscle. Although I didn't best my 7.23 pass I did manage a new best 60' out of this converter and mph. 1.75, 7.25, 99mph was the best run of the night but did manage to trap 101mph on another pass.

Check out this scrren shot of my datalog on the 1st run(best pass of the night), yellow line is tps voltage which maxxes out at 1023 counts full open(scale on left is refrence to tp counts), blue is rpm. This is causing boost to be low and shifting early. This motor should be pulling to 6200rpm but it's doing 1-2 5700 and 2-3 5630. I'm sure this is costing me some mph and et. Also have to install my 2 step because I had troubles with the car pushing through the beams. It rained after my first run and the track was never the same.

I need to be able to log boost as well because I have no idea how much I was running. I'd guess somewhere between 14-16psi. I have a gm 3 bar that I will hook up and can log it with my sct live wire device. Did make some drastic changes to the fueling at launch and it did much better. Have not looked at the logs fully on this but will make some tweaks if needed.


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Don't know if anyone is even following this thread or not but I will continue to post my results.

Installed a n2mb 2 step and improved a great deal on the launch. Leaving on 2400rpm 2 step full cut I was able build 2-3psi on foot brake. I have an exhaust leak and is causing the car to not build like it should. anways the results were 1.71, 7.11, 102.3mph on 16ish psi. Increased 2 step to 2800rpm and got the boot before I could test it. I knew it was coming just took a slow night for the tech to catch up with me.

Another issue I'm having is heat soak. On this low of boost my act's were reaching 154 in 3rd top of 1/8th mile. Act's at idle were over 100* and the ambient temp was low 70's. I have my fmic sitting a bit too close to the radiator and my crossover runs in front of the engine also creating a lot of heat around my charge/up pipe.

Guess the winter mods are going to start a month early for me. Have some ideas about relocating the turbo out of the engine bay and do something different with the fmic. Also having a grounding issue so I want to pull the motor and trans so I can do a cleaner wiring job. Don't want to but looks like I need to install a cage. Looking at the mm 8 point for $250. Good thing is I'm also starting a custom turbo notch fox in a month so this will fund my winter projects a little.
Found out why my car had troubles spooling this turbo and not being able to 60' worth a dern lol. Long story short, I rebuilt my headers a couple months ago that moved the turbo inlet/ wg mount down about 4". While I was testing the new header going donw hill the wg dump scraped the road and bent it in(notice the dent in the cross-over). Apparentlly this tore into my wg mount causing a pretty big ex leak. for those who cant make heads or tails of this, it is a forward facing cross-over, meaning it goes in front of the motor under the crank pulley.


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This car is killing me!!!! Was running rich, took fuel out, ran really good, fixed the exhuats leak that was directly under turbo inlet and now its lean at 12.9-13.2 lol. I do know I had extremely high intake temps last year from what it should be with only 15psi (150*) and a big 31 x 12 x 3 fmic. Wondering if the turbo was sucking up spent exhaust gas would this throw my tune way off like this?

Looks like I'm going to have to redial in the entire maf curve. You guys are lucky you don't have to deal with a maf curve for wot because they are the most touchy sensor ever put on a car.