BQ code on 84 trans


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May 31, 2001
I pulled the trans on my 84 to swap out the torque convertor. I haven't been able to get the rpm or boost up to break the tires loose. I'm putting in a 2800 stall orange stripe. I was looking for the bfr code. Mine has BQ on the yellow tag and a BQ8 on the valve body. The torque conv has a 6 Q stamped on it. Someone put a D/5 on with yellow marker (Salvage yard?). Is this original in an 84 GN?
Thanks alot,
Now I have to decide if I put it back in and see how long it lasts or get it rebuilt while I have it out. It shifts real good and tight except from 2nd to 3rd it hesitates a little (maybe slips?) My boost or rpm might go up a little.