Bracket Racers , What class do you run in ?


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001
Greetings everyone,

What class do you run in?

I use to be and next season plan to be a regular at LVD. I run the for points and Money in the Heavy (non -electronics) class and now I am running quicker than 12.99. I plan on running in super also (electronics). I also like running in the trophy class. But LVD doesn't allow you to run points class and a trophy class (they use to).

What I would like to also run would be in the street class, but my local track is 2.5 hours away from me. So…

If you run a Trans brake? What brand? What type of delay box ?

Foot Brakers , How do you launch? Ebrake? Line Lock ?

How many wins do you have ? Runner ups? , Semis?

What do you do to help keep the car consistent?
What class do you run in?

I run at Englishtown on Sat in Real Street(10.00-19.99 DOT tire footbrake class)and try to run the Sat morning events like the EFI shootout and Camaro/Firebird vs Ford/Mustang

Foot Brakers , How do you launch? Ebrake? Line Lock?

I launch off the e-brake that is tied into an Innovative multi stage boost controller and try to leave with between 10-15psi dialed into the controller depending on track conditions. I also have a Hughes brake in the car that I intend to use in Mean Street hopefully next season(Fri night class at E-Town 12.99 and quicker, no electronics - transbrakes ok).

How many wins do you have ? Runner ups? , Semis?

This was my first year bracket racing the car and I have 6 wins in 8 final rounds, two of those wins and one runner up were in Real Street and helped me finish 2nd for the year.

What do you do to help keep the car consistent?

I think the biggest things that has helped my car stay consistant are the Innovative boost controller and having a front mount in the car. With the front mount I can hot lap the car and still keep it tight,which you know how important that is in the later rounds. One day between 10am and 9pm I made 20 passes that varied by less than .05(win in the morning, runner up in the evening - spread was 11.299-11.342 over 20 passes due mostly to it being cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and then cooling off again in the evening).

Now that is consistent.

The front mount, which does cool down quicker, I, notice about my MPE. (Stretched stock location big inlet outlet) Is that it is a big heat sink / flywheel. Slower to cool.

My self

Win’s 1
Runner up =1
Semis = 10 + (don't remember actual number over the last ten years)

That was with the Carbed turbo, Olds. Still getting us to the GN.

NEXT SEASON only 5 months away :)
You have a good combo for bracket racing with that TE44, quick spooling for good reaction times and consistant launches. The only other thing I'd suggest is maybe looking into a chip like one from Eric(Turbotweak). He has added some adjustability to his chips for WOT fuel(+/- 10%)and for timing(separate adjustments for 1-2 gears and 3-4 gears). His chip has been a big help in keeping my car dialed and consistant under changing weather and track conditions.

I run the same class as Steve, haven't lined up with him yet though since I didn't run the GN till the end of the season. I built the car up to about 8 lbs after tripping the pre-stage lights and "bumped in" to the stage lights. Best RT with the GN is .002, worst .067 but the slipping trans kept the car from staying consistent. I have the new trans in now with a decent stall (3600 Pat's) and I'm adding a few things for next year. I'll post up if it works, don't want you to waste your time if my plans don't go too well :smile:
Keep the replies come guys. Both good and bad. This is how we learn.

Actually I have bob Baileys Commander chip in my car. Launch assist helps. But what is going to help more is the 3000 stall converter I have coming.

I am also blessed with the fact I work at Moroso Performance. And some times I get paid to go race. Tough Job but someone as to do it.

When you use the Ebrake are you useing that alone or with the regular brakes also ?
I use the ebrake with the regular brakes to hold the car, also remember that I have a Trans Am and the ebrake is a handle in the center console. I dont know how you could go about using the ebrake in a turbo buick, if you even need to. I hate losing a race because the car pushed through the beams.
Your luckier than I am Artie, I get to about 5# before it starts pushing but with the ebrake I can sit WOT with 15# in the controller ready to go. I have a totally different braking system too though.
I’m having the same problem. On my 12.25 pass it pushed though the lights (red light). Thank God the tree was already coming down other wise I would not have got a time slip. (Foot brake only).

I'm going have to try the Ebrake method. Maybe an electric solenoid to pop the Ebrake when I release the Foot brake (In race mode only .It would have to be switched off when on the street, DUH). Don't know how the "non-electronic " class would like that. Just a thought.
Install the soft rear shoes and S10 cylinders, should work fine for you. If you're bent on using the e-brake, just tie a string to it for easy release :)
My converter arrived today. Now I got to get it in the car. Maybe Thanksgiving weekend.
Well my torque converter is here and today I ordered a Trans brake (Stage right). Now I have to find a place & time to install them.
Well, all the parts are here. Now I have to get of my butt and install them. With no garage, and this time of year. It’s hard to get motivated.
Everything is installed. I have a slight Whine in gear. So, before I beat on it I'm going to check the Line pressure. In addition, I still have to install the tranny cooler.

However, the transbrake is cool, I quickly tried it. The orange strip stalled a 2900 RPMS @ 10 # of boost. With the street chip.

I haven't raced competively for quite a few years but I used to race in Super Pro (electronics) and my dad and I did well. He had been racing that class for a couple years before I started racing in it with him (I used to travel for work so I was never home).

We have a Dedenbear delay box that is hooked into 2 line locs. I have a switch mounted under the dash that in one position has only the line loc for the front tires energized (burnout) and then I flip the switch and then both line locs are energized so that I can launch the car. Using this method I can launch with 15 + lbs of boost and cut very good lights. The last year of racing we ended up in 11 place for the season and we had a number of good finishes.

Like was mentioned above, a front mount helps keep us consistent.