Brake lights, Cruise, Dash Lights


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My backup lights are on in park and off in reverse

My cruise isn't working.--Fuse isn't blown

Some of my dash lights don't work. Left turn signal works, but not on the dash (I changed bulbs, no change. brights aren't lit on the dash, but the headlamps work on the car.

I have a feeling these are connected. let me know what i do next.
Get a wiring diagram, VOM, and start looking.
It may be as simple as the printed circuit on the back of the dash, to broken wires, corroded connections.
The wiring diagrams are in the Buick shop manual.
There are two switches on your brake pedal. One has a orange (batt +) and a white wire. The other switch is for the cruise and torque converter unlock. Look to see if the white wire (brake signal) has power when you push the brake pedal ( break switch closed with brake pedal depressed). If the white wire has voltage when pressing brake then check out your Turn Signal Switch (AC Delco GM Genuine Part D6262D) under your steering column. The white wire is known for having a bad connection.
Did you replace your Turn Signal Switch (AC Delco GM Genuine Part D6262D) ? I would start there. Check your grounds. Clean all contacts behind your dash cluster.