Brake Pressure Switch

Turbo Brian

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May 24, 2001
My grey brake pressure switch was leaking so I ordered a new one. On installation, I pumped the brakes 10 times to depressurize the system, then removed the switch and replaced it with the new one.

Now, when I step on the brakes, the brake warning light comes on with initial brake application, and then extinguishes. Did I get air in the system? Is it possibly a bad replacement switch? Help!:(
Sounds logical, but it seems unusual that the problem would only occur after replacing a leaking brake pressure switch.
Replace the whole PM for a lifetime warranty at your local auto parts store.
I bought mine at Advance Auto Parts when they were $199 & now they are $149. You get everything from the brake lines to the adapter on the firewall ( the adapter is so small, I didn't notice it untill I took it out & had to reuse it to mount the rebuilt PM).