Broken Crank

Been doing machinework for right at 50 years, see it in lots of motors. Usually from a distorted cylinder. Check it 360 degrees with a good dial bore guage.
Preaching to the choir here:
Obviously, the cam companies don't operate on "emotion", product loyalty, etc.
Thus, we see Comp, and a host of others, putting their efforts into products that are in much greater demand.
Most any competent machine shop can produce v sicks cam blanks in most any flavor they want. Why, when they can make blanks for modern engines, & make the same or greater margin, would they "clog" their production line with the old "stuff".
IE: Summit has all the LS engine roller cams you want.
I know a designer, grinder that can do these cams. He's a small shop. Would he? I don't know.