Broken overflow nipple on radiator fill neck !!! Any repair ideas?.?

Tim Cucci

May 24, 2001
Installing a new Tranny cooler and slipped my wrench while disconnecting the tranny lines at the radiator. Wrench hit the brass overflow nipple on the radiator fill neck and broke the solder joint loose. The nipple pulls right out of the neck. Anybody got experience with this repair or seen this one before? I really don't want to pull the radiator. Just got the new tranny installed from Extreme Automatics. I'm ready to test my ride!
Since it's metal you can solder it back in place.

Just be prepared for the neck's solder to melt too...

either way, I'd pull the radiator for the repair.
That's kinda what I was thinking about the neck solder melting also. Hmm?? Might just pull it out and take it to the rad shop.
If you can sweat copper plumbing or build a still, you can do it. That nipple will get hot quick due to it's small size.

If you have zero soldering skills, yeah, let someone else knock it out real quick. If you do it yourself, you'll have the skills, but you might take an ass whipping 'learning' what not to do first. :D