Brown-chestnut 87 buick clean please

rafael vasquez

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Dec 2, 2006
Hello Buick friends
I'm looking for a Brown or chestnut
1987 Buick Turbo limited
1987 Buick Turbo T with bench seat
Some mods ok
Must be brown or chestnut color.

Low milage- pristine

Rafael Vasquez
714 457-6839
Thank you in advance
ALBERTAN got one of the nicest Limited's I've seen in the color and condition you're looking for. He hasn't been on here much lately though. Never know, he might be ready to move it...
Hello Buick Friends any nice clean Buicks ??
714 457-6839
Rafael Vasquez

I will be covering them up and taking good care of them no chopping or racing them!
Haven't been on this site in a long while. But my car is posted on Kirban's inner circle newsletter:

(1987 TURBO-T LIMITED HARDTOP - chestnut brown. Car resides and always has in California so no exposure to issues with rust, Same owner since 1995. Actual miles 129,000. Asking price is $28,900. This is a great buy! NEW LOWER PRICE asking $22,900. For more info email or myself at :
Inquired about this car awhile ago, is this the one with different seats?
626gn is right. Same car, just been busy with kids and all and recently picked up an SUV so the buick has to go so I finally got around to have Kirban handle things. But he said it's a slow market now but we have 2 interested buyers.

Been a long time I've been at this site and just looking around to see how the southwest in the regional clubs is represented in the SF Bay area. Not very well, but the local group I'm with we have a get together once a year.. And poking around to to see if any familiar names. I see Joe is still the moderator in the smog section, I talked to him once on the phone when I was having smog issues. We're both State employees..