Bruce @ PTS is the man!

Clay Thompson

New Member
Feb 3, 2002
I just finished a Bruce Toelle assisted upgrade on my first complete rebuild of a 200 4R. I've tried all the shift kits--Superior, Art Carr, Gil Younger--instructions were great but too many changes and I found PTS just before I started this one so I will sell this to anyone who wants it for $35, Fairbanks, B&M. All non-PTS kits worked to varying degrees to improve shifting but there was always some aggravating problem--too hard shifts at partial throttle being the most common.

With the PTS stuff my 200 4R shifts according to throttle position in every gear and is a pleasure to drive under all types of traffic and use situations. Greatly improved my flying mile top speed! Horsepower is great but you got to get it to the ground to have fun.

My only regret is that I did not buy a billet forward drum since I've had a couple of those fail in the past six years. That, a 9X11 and a billet input shaft are already on my parts list for the next 200 4R rebuild I'm starting next month to go behind a really powerful motor. See y'all at Maxton!

Bruce is the 200 4R man!