This event was officially postponed as of last night.

The forecast now is rain in the AM on Saturday. If the track opens for Saturday night I will be there testing and tuning.
Looks like it has been Announced!

Finally got an answer back from the track manager.
AUGUST 10, 2019.
Time is 5-Midnight. Track manger is very generous and said if we still have people there wanting to get some extra time trials in, we can possibly go a little later than Midnight!.
Gate Is $20
Tech Card $15
The Track is 15 Minutes from Ennis, TX, for those that need or want to make Hotel/Motel arrangements.
Xtreme Raceway Park
1800 S Interstate 45 Service Rd, Ferris, TX 75125
(972) 544-3724
Jeff with the blue stage one was going to try but he had a graduation to attend and wasn't sure on the date yet. I think he is up near the woodlands.

Be great if yall all came up.
I'm thinking about it. I have 2 other events coming up also - ( Our Fall Get Together at Niftee 50's in September, and Cruisin' the Coast in October ).I live right off of I-45, so it's an easy trip for me. I'd would be driving my car. I have a month to decide. I'll be watching the 10 day forecast during the days leading up to this event.
Certainly not my most favorite month to have an event. Hope we can still have a nice turnout. I'm gonna visit with the track manager some more about getting us another day for next year, possibly a 2 day event, if I can get enough interest in a Mini Buick SW Nationals?.
For everyone coming from out of town, Ennis would be closest for Hotel accommodations if staying over Saturday night.
Looks like this event has been expanded to include Corvettes. So extend the invite to your Corvette friends.

Talks are underway for a better date for next year for a Buick only event. Might even be a two day affair, in the way a Texas SW Nationals might be had. Time will tell.
A little over a week away. Hope everyone is planning on coming out.