Buick GNX Gatorback Tires for Sale


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For sale are 2 sets of GoodYear Gatorback tires:

The first set are original Buick GNX Tires. These are the 255 VR50 16 inch Gatorbacks. They have plenty of tread left on them and one of the tires does have a plug in it that was professionally installed. These have not been made for over 15 years and this set was stored correctly.
Price: $200 Plus Shipping

This set I purchased for a local individual who ended up not wanting them. They are Good Year 255 ZR50 16 Tires. These are the upgraded ZR rated tires with a softer thread compound and a slightly different tread than the original VR rated tires. They do not have any plugs, patches, or flaws. Over 75% of the tread is left on them. Made in 2002 so they are much safer to drive on than original tires.
Price $150 Plus Shipping