Buick Motorsports Crank/Rods/JE Pistons etc PARTING OUT!


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Talked to Dan at DLS today and he has no problem shipping out the parts (THANKS DAN)! :cool:


Buick Motorsports Crank/Rods/JE Pistons/BHJ/Alum heads!


I have a 109 motor that is at a very well known engine builder and i am thinking on going a different route.
It is as follows:

STD bore 109 block, magged and is a ok.
10/10 Buick motorsports 3.40 steel crank, magged and is a ok.(freshly turned(high side) from STD to get perfect clearance's.
Set of Buick motorsports rods. Mint.
Bhj balancer.
Brand new JE pistons/pins/rings.
M&A aluminium heads fresh from Champion racing heads, welded repaired, valve job,ceramic sealed,beehive springs,titanium retainers,forged locks, all new parts.Set up for hyd roller cam.
Heads come with new head gaskets, valve covers, roller rockers, valve cover gaskets.
You can have your own cam of your choice installed etc, project has not been started so you can take over the project and best of all the motor is already there so you save big on shipping fee's and the hassell of getting a motor packaged and shipped out!
Let me know if this may interest you,

Inquire with your interests. :)

if you would consider selling the short block(minus heads and cam),i am definetly interested.let me know.
twin 93 svt said:
Good luck with sale, I can't see how someone didn't pick it up as a package in previous thread, great deal.

Thanks, i think most do not realize it...........2 weeks of answering questions and people asking for pictures. :rolleyes:
NEVERMIND the sale, not worth all the time and effort to sell at a reasonable price just to get lowballed in the end.

Going to have the motor built and have the reassurance of a steel crank and rods with JE pistons vrs stock parts that will always break at this level of performance sooner or later.

Plus when i sell the car with this motor in it, it will only add to the value of the car.

Thanks to all serious enquires, i understand that at least one of you put a good effort in to get a bank loan and make the deal and i hope things work out for you in the future.

Take care, time for me to get serious with this motor! :wink: