Buick Race Day 2014 is April 27, Norwalk, OH

So in other words if the event was a couple weeks later (so the park was open) there was a track rental t&t on friday (so people could get more passes in) and there wasnt a set minimum field in tsm, then the car count would be better? I was even considering throwing up some sponser $$$ for the events near me maybe like gas cards to help the long distance guys.... My buisness is doing better each year so hopefully next year ill be in a position to do so.... Also if anyone is staying at the red roof inn i have a cp# that will give a 25% discount pm me if you want it.....
Being that we are so close, we will definitely be there Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to seeing everyone there, let's hope for warmer weather!

The tuning DYNO Event at Buschur Racing IS NOW 2 DAYS!!!

Friday April 25th AND Saturday April 26th!!!
There will be some TSO, TSM, THS and Twin Turbo builds as well as others builds hitting the dyno and being tuned to BIG numbers!!

Should be another great turn out!! See everybody there!!
Buick Race Day -- Sunday, April 27 $30.00/Car & Driver in advance (Before April 23)
Bracket 1 <11.99, Bracket 2 >12.00
1980 and newer Buicks with original GM Corporate Engine allowed in B2
$50.00/Car & Driver at the gate, day of race
$15.00 Spectators/Pit Crew each
Children 6-12 $5 Each

The internet says Buick race day is the 25th. Now I'm confused. Which day is it?
Sunday....always Sunday
Friday and Saturday are Dyno sessions with Cal Hartline
Saturday is also the Arby's car show
Friday night is regular track program....I believe
Should be there Sunday. Cars not in race ready condition yet. 1st time at a buick race. Looking forward to it.

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Here's an update for the Norwalk Buick event this coming weekend:

First let me say that HRpartsNstuff will be there! Looks like my schedule is setup at Buschur dyno on Fri, then setup at the car show Sat am, and then will go over to the Dyno Sat afternoon (probably not setting up twice), and then setup at Norwalk track on Sun.

After talking to Bill Wills tonight (Tues 04/22), I'm not sure if things changed or if there was a mis-understanding or what (don't care at this point, since it won't help). It seems that having 8 cars in each Turbo heads up class is NOT a mandatory requirement at this point. Bill said if there are only 3-4 cars showing up, then they will still run the class. They just need to know if anyone is coming, so they can put the class in the schedule. It's still in flux, but no heads up classes will be on the schedule if he doesn't hear from racers or class reps soon.

The problem (in my opinion) is in the communication & expectations between the racers & the event coordinator (Bill Wills in this case). It seems the racers expect the event coordinators do major efforts/promotions/etc to get participation. The event seems to exist to benefit the racers, but can't put a lot of effort into trying to include every available class for the Turbo & V-8 classes. They can't put every possible class on the schedule without knowing if they planned to attend, and then delete them as they realize no one showed up for it. In the more recent past events, the car count for the heads up classes has been dwindling for one reason or another. Last years rain date Norwalk event had only 1 car show up from ALL of the heads up classes. Kinda hard to plan an event with that kind of participation. Also, on previous Fri test/tune days, they consistantly lost money. Even if a lot of cars showed up, there wasn't that many passes being made.

I saw that Roberta posted twice here asking for the heads up classes to contact Bill and coordinate things. So far, no one from the heads up turbo classes has contacted Bill. Seems like the racers assume things & plan NOT to attend, when in reality it takes very little effort to works things out & make it happen. Unfortunately, the racers & spectators are the ones that lose on this. The event will try to occomodate the racers as best they can, but just need to know if anyone is planning to come so they can get the class into the schedule. It's not too late to make things happen, but racers can't rely on internet forums only to sort this stuff out. Pick up the phone if you are really concerned or interested in racing in a heads up class.

I am just playing middleman trying to help out. Would be a shame to see people miss this years event, since the track is always prepped good & the temp should be ideal for some nice runs!

PS - Heard that Dave Fiscus plans to be there. I suggest you guys get together & see who can make it & let Bill know ASAP. The event is there for you guys (and gals), but got to communicate with them to make it happen. Otherwise, the events will start falling off the calendar & won't have much to look forward to.
When I heard there was an 8 car minimum, I didn't bother calling anyone. If someone can give me Bill's #, I will contact him for TSO racing. As of now, I only know of Dave, Brad, and possibly Justin attending.
BILL WILLS 330-747-1029

It was in the first post of this thread, but it even took me a while to dig it up.
Had to make sure he was OK giving out the number I had last nite.
Well I am heading out now and hope to be in Norwalk for supper. A bad day at the track is better than a good day at work :D Looking forward to meeting a few of you guys

On route